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No matter what you rename it, this cell should stay your header. However, Google Sheets sometimes has trouble with some headers, and it may change your settings. But there’s nothing to worry about and if this happens, all you have to do is freeze that row again. Repeat the process for the first cell in […]

140 excerpts for education

140 excerpts for education Learning how the great people of our day have thought about education can really spread the message of positivity to young students. From our offices in Japan, Canada and Australia, Wabisabi Learning works with schools in more than 20 countries to become Focused Learning Focused on the Future. Our professional training […]

3 Examples of how to write a scholarship essay

3 Examples of how to write a scholarship essay Scholarship Test Example # 13 I discovered that our achievements accumulate in the sacrifices of our parents. I want to show my community that there can be a doctor, a bilingual, a Latin doctor. I want to show that one’s postal code does not determine one’s […]